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Why Constitutional Carry?

  • Constitutional carry takes the right to keep and bear arms and returns it to the status of a right. If you need a permit to carry a gun, it’s a privilege.


  • Oregonians shouldn’t have to ask permission from the state to exercise a right.


  • Constitutional carry reduces government bureaucracy and paperwork by trimming out the burden currently needed for processing concealed carry permits.


  • Constitutional carry makes it possible for hard-working, low-income families to protect themselves without undue financial burden.


  • Concealed carry laws have never stopped a criminal from carrying without a license!  Concealed carry does prevent law-abiding citizens from carrying a firearm.

  • Early gun control laws, starting in the 1800s and continuing into recent decades, were specifically designed to prevent minorities and the poor from carrying a firearm and having the ability to protect themselves. Permitless carry helps assure equality when it comes to exercising our right to keep and bear arms.


  • But what about the loss of training? you might ask. In Oregon, people own firearms and open carry without government-induced training anyway! There is no added danger in not having the concealed carry process. States that have abandoned public training have found that people then generally seek more training voluntarily.


  • Violent crime actually drops within 5 years of a state passing constitutional carry, and the number of victims in crimes like mass shootings decreases.


  • Vermont has never required a license to carry, and it's ranked as one of the safest states. In 2019, four of the top five safest US states (Maine, Vermont, NH and ID) never required a license to carry.


  • 27 states are currently constitutional carry states. With other states ahead of us in the process, Oregon is aiming to be number 28 or 29!

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