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About IP-21

Creates a Safer Oregon.

Removes one Financial Burden.

Protects our 2A Rights.

Constitutional Carry for Oregon (CCFO) will turn Oregon into America's next constitutional carry state. What does that mean? Currently, Oregonians can open carry, but we can't concealed carry without asking permission from our government. Here's why we think that's wrong.


Our petition title for IP-21 is: “Establishing the right to carry concealed firearms without permit.”


We're amending the Oregon Constitution by adding one simple line, shown in bold below. The proposed text is as follows: “PARAGRAPH 1. Section 27, Article I of the Constitution of the State of Oregon, is amended to read: Sec. 27. (1) The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defense of themselves, and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power. (2) The right described in subsection (1) of this section includes the right to carry, without a permit, a concealed firearm.”

We have started the process of collecting 160,551 signatures by July 5, 2024. Once we're successful, IP-21 will appear on the November 2024 ballot.

Our Team

Constitutional Carry for Oregon (CCFO), otherwise known as IP-21, was conceived and is led by a group of grassroots volunteers who came together with the desire to reassert our constitutional rights and make Oregon a freer, safer state. Our effort isn't managed, funded by, or connected to any organized group other than the one we've just created. Our goal: turn Oregon into America's next constitutional carry state in the 2024 November election.

Chief Petitioner

Joel is chair of the Marion County Republicans, a retired Army Lt. Colonel, and the owner of Cascade Craftsman. He has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours advocating for conservative candidates and causes. He's the co-host of River Roundtable on KSLM, and host of The Marion Leader podcast on Rumble.

Chief Petitioner

Kerry is the former mayor of Baker City, 2022 Republican gubernatorial candidate, and owner of Black Lyon Publishing, LLC. An author and public speaker, she recently came aboard as Senior Advisor for the voter advocacy group, Republican Overseas. She serves as Vice President of the Baker County Republican Women, and is a PCP in her county.

Chief Petitioner

A constitutional rights and veterans' rights advocate, Jean Sampson of Clatsakanie is a former city councilor who is no stranger to petition drives. She serves as a PCP on the Columbia County Republican Central Committee.

Carol Williams


Carol joins the team with years of professional accounting experience. She serves as a PCP with the Marion County Republicans where she has devoted countless volunteer hours to campaigns and conservative petition efforts.

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